Be careful. It's very inflammable.

We drank cappuccinos and talked about old times.

Will you lend me your knife?

We'll discuss this problem later.

Don't ask, and I won't lie.

Now that we've bought new furniture for the room, why not throw away this old, worn-out furniture?

This is very difficult for us.


I am rich.


I'm hungry. I'm not angry.

He was not happy at all.

He didn't want to leave.

How many people are in the house?

She attributed her failure to illness.

I just spotted a panther.

Why not just tell him?

Can you keep your mouth shut?

She was holding a small parasol in her hand.

Good things in life often come at a cost.

I want you to know Presley did a great job.


He shook his head as if to say "No".


My name is William, but you can call me Bill.

They all went to bed.

We sat, as it were, on a volcano.

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I've always believed that.


Sanjeev thinks he knows where to find Teriann.

The boy that you met at the park is adopted.

Where's your bag?


You would do well to make sure when the next bus starts.

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I am watering the garden.

Penguins' eyes are adapted for underwater vision.

Do you know whether or not Tolerant likes cream in his coffee?

Can I pay with a travelers check?

You've got everything you need.


There's no excuse for his delay.

Mark the words which you cannot understand.

I've never seen him dance.


It was the hungry bears that the villagers were afraid of.


I don't like powdered sugar.

Do you have small change?

I'll save it for a quieter decade.

I'm a Republican.

My aunt dropped in on me yesterday.

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I think we should get help.

Even if it rains, the meeting will go on.

Tammy says he's planning to take Monica out to dinner tonight.


Adrian does like you. I'm sure of it.


Gale wants me to help him with his homework.

The teachers and children hate me, and I hate them too. Why do I have to go to school?

Just don't tell her I sent you.

The problem isn't so much the money as it is the time.

There were eight pebbles there.

I can't even blame them.

You don't want to point that gun at me.

I met the president himself.

It drew strength from the young people who rejected the myth of their generation's apathy, who left their homes and their families for jobs that offered little pay and less sleep.


I'm sick of always hearing the same thing.

It's nearly lunchtime. Why don't we stop to have a bite to eat?

For example, if a chain-smoking teacher cautions a pupil for smoking, that warning is self-contradictory.


He is a constant torment to me.

Don't stop!

Why do we have to help you?

Parrots are the only animal that can imitate human speech.

Roy will go to Australia in October.


"So I can go?" "Run."


Are you the pathologist?

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I'm not defending that idiot.

We must deal with this problem right away.

He always ate fruit for dessert.

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Arabic is read from right to left.

I laugh out loud.

The sea got rough, so that we had to give up fishing.

It suddenly occurred to Jong that his car keys weren't in his pocket.

The room is hot.

Why is that significant?

Thou shalt not kill.


You can't even tell it's me in those pictures.

The parish register is so old that if you touch the pages the paper will disintegrate.

Do you happen to know Nancy?

I told Anthony I just want to be friends.

The decision is final.


Today, we are going to unravel the mystery of the English subjunctive.


Playing tennis is fun.


I've never seen him smile.

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Noam is trying to keep it together.

Give my love to your kids.

The accountability of the management of the organization is held in question.

What did you answer?

What we need is a little more time.

What a lovely gift!

Thanks for staying with Antony.

It's worth the pain.

I won't be going to Stephan's on Monday.


I don't know why you're so worried.


Rodent handed Ramiro his wallet.


He'll be home a bit before five.

Was that my phone ringing?

Daniele gently kissed his daughter on the forehead.

Do you sell any guidebooks written in French?

What do you think you're going to do?

One day without reading makes the mouth grow thorns within.

Do you remember what happened?

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Ban Ki-Moon needs to find $40 billion for his project.

I was looking at the dog, but, with another look, it had turned into a cat.

Jayant was not famous.

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Who was there?

Malaclypse kicked in a lot of money.

Kevin is working hard this semester.


What is happening at the present time in the dispute over place-name signs in Carinthia is grotesque.

Why he killed himself is still a mystery.

Ramesh asked Owen who she thought was the best-looking guy in her class.


Isn't there something I can help with?

Son and I were both tired.

These letters can be typed by any secretary.

Don't forget to take your vitamins before you die.

How brave of him to jump into the water to save the little girl!

More challenges may lie ahead.

Modern music is familiar to him.

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Hon knew something was wrong.

He watched the drama holding his breath.

My pen isn't as good as yours.

There were so many people at the funeral home today.

Willie is a certified public accountant.

We'll go to the prom together.

You sell shoes, don't you?


Naoto stopped me.

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He collapsed to his knees.

Is it complete?

We lost our way in the woods.


The people we meet in books can delight us either because they resemble the friends we hold dear in real life, or because they are unfamiliar people that we are pleased to get to know.


I wanted to steal it.


A Swiss watch can't be made anywhere but in Switzerland.

Briggs promised Kanthan 30% of whatever his inheritance was going to be.

Old can't weight bear for at least six weeks following an ankle reconstruction.

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I'm not quitting.


Prices dropped recently.

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No one asks to be born.

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We've got to save them.

Tell Edgar you can't do it.

He considered a collaboration.

I'm one of your students.

I'll ask her if you like.


You've got to convince Mysore to stay.

Those tribes inhabit the desert all year round.

Can you show me your boarding pass?

He talks fast.

I lie on the grass.

You won't have to take charge of that.

Eddy bought a medieval shirt on Etsy.

The users of Tatoeba don't want Beth to die.

Weather permitting, we are going to get to the top of the mountain tomorrow.


Claudia is Hitoshi's landlord.


I'm going back to Boston. I've had enough of Chicago.

That drunk driver is responsible for the accident.

Jimmy was able to answer all the questions.